How do I help? The first way is that I’m not out to profiteer on divorce. I charge only $200 per hour. The second way is that I’ll see clients on nights and weekends if necessary. The third way is that I don’t require a retainer, it’s strictly pay as you go: three good ways to help, but not the most important one.
The most important way I help couples build a better post-marriage relationship and family lives is the use of guided dialogue throughout the process. I am student of   Dr. Harville Hendrix’s theory of relationships, a practitioner of Imago, and currently undertaking clinical training in Imago relationship therapy.
We begin by identifying the future each wants, both individually and for the family, and from there I help you make the choices and the gifts of compromise that will give you the best chance of seeing that future come to fruition.
Our combined goal is to reach understanding and have an agreement in place within fifteen hours. Under special circumstances I may allow for an extension, but my philosophy and experience is that if it can’t be done in fifteen hours it can’t be done in fifty and the parties are better off retaining individual counsel sooner rather than later.
We meet in comfortable surroundings, hearing birds sing in the spring and fires crackle in winter. When we are successful, we flip a coin to pick the plaintiff, I prepare all the paper work and walk the parties through to a final decree.
I only take 100 couples per year.